Tighten Your Obliques, Get Piece Of Mind, Gluteal Atrophy and Five Pounds Is Gold

by Caleb Lee on July 17, 2009


Yes. You are F*cking Awesome!

Heyah! Time for some link love again today because:

1. There’s lotsa guys you should be reading besides me and …

2. I’m a little lazy today because I’m going to the beach in a few hours!

Tighten Your Obliques and Look Awesome!

If you’ve read my series on ab training, then you know I’m a big fan of training your abs the way “nature intended” that is training them in a way that mimicks their functional purpose — to keep your spine stabilized and your torso upright.

So that’s why I like this post at Rusty’s blog, the fitness black book about training your obliques. He gives some good tips on getting this important part of your body into shape.

One thing I’ll add: I recently started doing side bends on a back extension machine and it’s working really well as well (though not a stabilizing move obviously) … Anyways, check out Rusty’s post on obliques here!

Get Peace Of Mind.

I sometimes talk about things to get your mind into shape … and I plan on doing more of it. Of course, if you’re on the internet and you’re into this type of stuff, then you read Zen Habits. It’s like a requirement or something.

Leo always posts good stuff, it’s amazing how prolific he is without losing quality. Here’s a great post of his on how to find peace in an unusual way.

Are Your Glutes Atrophy’ing?

Quick! Grab Your Glutes (Or The Person's Nearest You!)

I didn’t know how to properly conjugate “atrophy” into a word that ends in “ing” so I just added the little ‘ mark to it and it’s working out fine! F*ck grammar rules! There’s a higher purpose to language and that’s to be understood — something tells me you know exactly what I’m talking about bub!

Anyways, this is a great post here on Gluteal atrophy and how to identify it, why it’s bad, the lifestyle factors that cause it (and exercise factors) and how it causes knee and lower back pain.

If you’re reading this you’re living in the civilized world … which means you’re probably doing some of the things in this article … which means you probably suffer from a little bit of back pain.

When You’ve Been Lifting A While … You Understand … Five Pounds is Gold!

I’m always amazed after a hard strength training session with the dedication and determination that powerlifters display.

You see, once you get pass a basic level of strength … like 1.5x your bodyweight in the deadlift and squat … and you’re doing pretty decent on the bench … the gains don’t quite come as fast as you’d like.

In fact, for many powerlifters, they’ll train all year and be happy to just put 10lbs onto their max bench. It’s all part of the dedication of the game and stretching their limits.

This post here talks about Andy Bolton’s incredible dedication to adding 5 pounds to his OVER 1,000 POUND DEADLIFT!

In case you’re not aware, there is a lot of “equipment” used in modern powerlifting. It helps keep your joints tight and helps in some of the lifts. MOSTLY, in the bench and the squat … which is why you see guys with HUGE squat numbers, almost as high bench numbers, and “in comparison” (though certainly not weak by ANY measure!) smaller deadlift numbers.

Not Andy though. The guy is a certified hoss. Here’s the video below (it needs all the attention it can get!) of him pulling 1,008 pounds!

Alright I’m off to the beach bitches!

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