Lose Fat Around Stomach?

by Caleb Lee on January 29, 2009

lose-fat-around-stomachDo you want to know how to lose fat around your stomach? I get this question a lot, people email me all the time asking this question, and this article is my answer.

If you’re seeing the old “tire” around your waist get bigger… or your tummy getting flabby… then you’ll definitely want to read this right now.

Here’s the thing…

You lose fat everywhere

This is truth: you lose fat everywhere on your body, it’s not really possible to “spot reduce” just the fat around your waist — however there ARE some unique workout techniques you can use to make your stomach look smaller.

So because you can’t just lose the fat around your stomach, then you should focus on losing weight over your whole body… which is a good thing anyways because why not get your whole body lean at the same time?

Let’s examine why I get this question about losing stomach fat…

You want a flat stomach right?

You don’t want the flab anymore, you don’t want the gut anymore, you don’t want the “love handles” — you want a flatter stomach. You want a toned midsection.

So there’s a couple things you can do to make your stomach smaller, without even diet or exercise. One of those is the stomach vaccuums — which can reduce your waist by about 2 inches or so immediately.

The rest of your stomach fat losing needs to come from your diet and exercise…

Lose more fat

Now, it’s time to lose fat over your whole body. To do that you will have to create a calorie deficit in your body. No matter what anyone tells you, fat loss basically comes down to burning more calories than you consume each day. But there’s two ways you can go about it:

  1. Reduce your calorie intake – you might have to eat very little to make this work…
  2. Increase your calorie expenditure — you might have to do a lot of exercise to make this work…

The best solution? Reduce your calorie intake slightly… and use the rest of this article’s information to increase your calorie expenditure every day so you burn more calories. When you attack the calories from “both angles” like this it makes it a LOT easier to lose fat.

Strength train

Something most people overlook, (especially women because they are afraid of getting “bulky”) when they diet and exericise is the importance of strength training.

Strength training will develop strength throughout your whole body and more importantly it’ll tell your body to preferentially Lose Fat Not Muscle as you reduce your calories.


Don’t do normal aerobics type cardio if you want to burn fat around your stomach. It’s not going to help you as much as doing interval training.

Then after you get in your normal Interval Training, it’s ok to do aerobics cardio afterwards. This will help you burn more calories, and overall more fat.

So that’s the basic answers to the question I’m always getting of  “lose fat around stomach?” Hope it helps.

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Glenda January 20, 2010 at 12:06 am

Hi, I was just looking at your articles because i want to loose some belly fat and around my stomach as well.
The thing is that Im young, I’m actually skinny, I dont want to loose any weight, but I got pregnant , i didnt gain weigth at all but my belly its not flat any more.
So what should I do?, if I dont want to loose weight or cut my calories intake.


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