How To Lose Your Pot Belly

by Caleb Lee on April 8, 2009

lose-pot-bellyIf you want to lose your pot belly, then you’ve come to the right place because today I’m going to discuss how to get rid of this “special” type of fat.

Actually, it’s not all that “special” (just like cellulite is not a “special” type of fat either) although some people might want you to believe it.

And it just like a “beer belly” does not come from just drinking beer… a “pot belly” does not just come from eating pot belly pigs all day long.

The good news?

It’s easier to lose the “pot belly look” because the type of fat that’s responsible for this condition is the first fat to start being burned by your body when you take the appropriate steps.

Your 2 Types Of Fat

Some people don’t know this, but there are actually two different types of fat in your body. Visceral and subcutaneous.

Visceral fat is fat that’s inside your body, in your abdomen, surrounding your internal organs. This is the fat that protects your internal organs and a little bit of it is actually necessary for you to be alive. That’s why you never see anyone with a body fat percentage that’s lower than 3%… or… why you can never get rid of ALL the fat in your body (or would even want to) because some of it is essential.

Subcutaneous is the fat that’s right underneath your skin, on top of your muscles. This is the fat that you need to get rid of if you want to look “ripped” or get six pack abs.

The Fat That Gives You a Pot Belly

Visceral fat is the fat that gives you a pot belly. This fat is linked to everything from bad cholesterol and hypertension to diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Fun fact: when you see a guy with a “beer gut” and you can punch him in it and even though there’s no muscle definition, it still feels hard — that’s visceral fat in action!

Here’s the good news: when you start taking steps to reduce your weight, eat healthier and exercising — this type of fat is the first type of fat to start burning away.

But to some people this is probably bad news because they want to get that “six pack” look and they’re frustrated by how long it takes because they’re first burning visceral fat (the internal fat) and it takes a while for their body’s to start burning the fat directly underneath their skin (this is part of the reason why it takes so long to get those abs!)

How To Lose Your Pot Belly

The process for losing visceral fat, like I said, is just like losing any fat — it’s pretty much made up of two parts:

  • Create a calorie deficit in your body by eating a little less food and…
  • Accelerate your calorie burning and the deficit by being more active…

To eat less, there are many different methods, but probably the easiest is to just start eating more filling foods that promote less weight gain (protein and fats)… and… less “empty” calories like carbohydrates that contribute to insulin spikes, getting hungry again, and gaining weight.

To be more active you have more options as well. You don’t JUST have to exercise… especially if you can’t find a type of exercise you really enjoy — you can get a long way by simply increasing your activity levels. Play more sports, walk more and drive less, ride your bike for enjoyment, take a walk after dinner, get up every 15 minutes and take a lap or two around the office, etc…

… But I truly feel, if you want to be the healthiest you can be — and REALLY speed up your fat loss and losing your pot belly — that you should start exercising in addition to being more active all the time.

Take up Strength Training, do smart cardio, and start being more active. Combine that with not eating like a pot belly pig and you’ll find you start to lose your pot belly in no time.

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Jess April 24, 2009 at 4:34 am

Just wanted to point out that some people gain the majority of their weight in certain spots only. I’m thin but it seems that I gain most of my weight in my belly, so I have a small pot belly. I also have a friend like this too. Eating less definitely would not work for us, or people like us. Different types of food maybe, but not less.


Caleb Lee April 24, 2009 at 3:25 pm

@ Jess: I agree that some people gain it in certain areas more easily — myself included…

In fact, my arms look like “road maps” with all the veins popping out before my abs really start to show through (i.e. my abs are the last place I lose fat) … but keep doing what I recommend and the weight will eventually come off in those spots too


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