How To Lose Your Love Handles

by Caleb Lee on March 13, 2009

how-to-lose-your-love-handlesIf you wanna know how to lose your love handles, then pay close attention because what I tell you here you may not have thought about.

What Are “Love Handles”?

I’m not sure who came up with the name… but I haven’t met anyone who loves their own :) Actually, it’s referring to the fat that is around people’s waists, but mostly the fat on the sides of your waist.

The idea behind the name is actually kind of funny when you think about it: when you’re making love, these are the “handles” your lover holds onto!

Pretty funny if you ask me. But then again, maybe I’m just an immature 20 something guy… onward!

How Did You Get Them?

Here’s the good news: love handles are NOT different than all the other fat on your body. Specifically, anything that will help you to burn your stomach fat is going to help you lose your love handles!

Why is this exciting? Because now you have no excuse when it comes to figuring out how to lose that “Side fat” — you just do the exact same things you need to do to lose fat everywhere on your body.

There Will Be Side Effects… Great Ones!

More good news is, and most people who ask “how do I lose weight on my ________ ” never think about this, is that when you lose the fat on your love handles (or in any specific spot) — you lose fat everywhere.

That’s a pretty good side effect… wouldn’t you agree? When you’re trying to just improve one area of your body — you end up improving it ALL.

So follow the steps below to lose your love handles (and fat everywhere else on your body).

3 Simple Steps To Lose Your Love Handles

If you’re a regular around here, this is going to sound familiar…

1. Strength Training: Strength is the basis of all physical skills. Doing strength training will help you:

  • lose fat not muscle when dieting.
  • keep you from getting that “skinny fat” look
  • strengthen and “tone” every muscle in your body
  • increase your physical abilities at everything else (endurance, agility, explosiveness, etc)

2. Smart, Clean Eating: I recommend intermittent fasting and eating low carb (at least in the beginning) to lose weight fast.

  • low carb will help you drop pounds fast
  • IF (intermittent fasting) has a TON of benefits besides just fat loss.
  • you’ll still get to enjoy your favorite foods on “cheat” days (or cheat “meals” if you’re looking to lose a LOT of weight and need to stay a little more strict on your “diet”)
  • The best part? You should NOT feel like you’re dieting. Eating like this should easily become a lifestyle change — it’s not hard to do at all.

3. Smart Cardio: instead of spending 45 minutes to over an hour to fight the losing battle of “burning calories”, super-charge your metabolism instead so it burns fat (not just calories) every waking hour (not just in the gym).

  • less time doing “cardio”
  • more cool exercises (can use dumbbells, barbells, your own bodyweight, bands, kettlebells, sandbags, kegs, etc)
  • more fun because you can change around the exercises, etc…

So How Do You Get Started?

First add in some strength training about 3x per week. Start with your bodyweight, or if you’re already at a gym and have access to weights — go for the DoubleYourGains’ 3-5 Strength Training Routine.

Two other days per week you should start doing some interval training. And most important is controlling what you’re putting in your mouth so be sure to eat clean and follow the ultimate fat burning, muscle building diet if you want something more “structured”.

So there you go! The answer to “how to lose your love handles” is as simple as the answer to losing fat all over your body, so get to it!

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