ECA Stack For Weight Loss

by Caleb Lee on April 10, 2009

eca-stack-weight-lossNote: I’m not a doctor. Nothing in this article is considered advice. It is only for informational purposes ONLY. Your health and actions are your responsibility and by reading this article, you agree not to hold me accountable for ANYTHING.

If you’re wondering about the ECA Stack for weight loss… this article will give you a good primer because I’ll tell you:

  • What it does
  • What the ingredients and dosages are, and…
  • My personal experience with it…

So let’s get started!

What Is The ECA Stack?

The term “ECA Stack” refers to the combination of Ephedrine, Caffeine and Aspirin in certain dosages, taken together (that’s what the word “stack” means) to aid in weight loss.

Before ephedrine was banned (although I’m not sure on its current legal status in weight loss drugs) it was in all the best diet pills.

Does It Work?

Yessir, as anyone who has taken this potent combination knows–it does work to help you lose fat. And there’s been a lot of studies done on its effectiveness, check out the ECA Stack Wikipedia page for links.

The cool thing about the studies are:

  • most people lost more weight when using the ECA stack…
  • it helped increase endurance, and…
  • 80%+ of the weight loss was fat because the stack has an ant-catabolic (muscle sparing) effect (combined to 50% when the people in the “non” ECA stack control group lost weight)

The Dosages Required…

There’s been a lot of experimenting with this, and it has to do a little with your bodyweight to begin with, but for most people the recommended dosages are 25mg Ephedrine, 200mg Caffeine, and 300-325mg Aspirin.

This is the standard dosage for a 200 pound person… taken 2-3 times per day. If you end up taking this stack 3x per day you’ll understand what the “old timers” mean when they talk about the “ECA jitters”

“I’m an Outlaw”

Is ephedrine illegal?

Here’s what I believe is going on: ephedrine is illegal to be put in diet pills or anything like that. But it can be purchased over the counter — one pack at a time — and your driver’s license information is recorded.

I guess this is the government’s way to make it legal while at the same time protecting themselves by regulating it to one pack per customer bought at a time (to prevent people from using it to get high, make drugs, etc and over-dosing)

Now, there’s nothing stopping a person from hitting 10 gas stations in a row to get 10 packs at a time, but whatever, we won’t get into regulations and politics right now :)

Make Your Own!

So because ephedrine itself is legal… and caffeine is legal… and aspirin is legal–you can now skip the middle man and make your own.

And conveniently, there are readily available dosages of all the ingredients in the stack for purchase at your local gas station or convenience store.

Ingredient #1: Ephedrine – 25mg

Ready and waiting for you, in the perfect dosage at your local gas station (only $17-20 bucks!):


Ingredient #2: Caffeine – 200 mg

You can either buy caffeine pills or drink the requisite amount of coffee for this ($1-5 dollars):


Ingredient #3: Aspirin — 325 mg

Just go to CVS or somewhere and get a big bottle of generic aspirin — it’s dirt cheap ($1-2 dollars).


Common Sense Suggestions For Your Health!

See, ephedrine was fine for about 99% of the people that used it back in the day… but it’s those 1-2% who don’t use common sense that got in trouble using this stuff.

So the first thing is:


… and secondly, I’d add to that — work up to the recommended dosage. If you’re not a person who tolerates caffeine well, or if just one dosage of the stuff is giving you the jitters all day and keeps you awake all night — don’t be stupid. Just keep it to one dosage (take it about 30-45 minutes before you workout).

Second, common sense thing for your health:


That’s how a lot of kids ended up dying. They were taking like 15-20 of these pills and getting high — and then “surprise, surprise!” some of them died.

And the last thing is:

You Definitely Wanna Cycle This!

With all supplements, it’s a good idea to cycle them. But definitely with the ECA Stack.

The reason why is because the method that this stack uses to increase your fat burning abilities, in a “nut shell”, is to stimulate your Central Nervous System and Adrenal system. Just like continuously drinking more and more coffee and getting in-adequate rest will lead to adrenal burnout–so will staying on the ECA stack for long periods of time.

I’m no doctor, and nothing in this article is considered “Advice”, and use it all at your own risk — but I would only stay on this stack for 4 weeks max, then cycle off for at least 2 weeks (preferably more — like 4 weeks). Just plan to use it while you’re trying to get “Super ripped”.

So there you go, that’s your basic course on using the ECA Stack for Weight Loss.

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Yavor April 12, 2009 at 7:16 pm

Hey buddy, this is a very detailed breakdown here. Good job. Here is the problem and why it’s banned:

if you are healthy, I’m sure your body will be able to handle the effects f ephedrine (higher blood pressure, heart rate, etc)

But the very same folks that are likely to opt for a desperate weight loss solution, are also out of shape, overweight and with high blood pressure. And for them, it is dangerous to take ephedrine and elevate their BP even higher.

So folks – if you are overweight and with high blood pressure, don’t take ephedrine.



Caleb Lee April 13, 2009 at 2:46 pm

@ Yavor: for the record — I agree with Yavor…

… but I want the information out there as well, for “informational purposes” too for people that choose to use it — at least they can do it *safer* if they get the info they’re looking for.

Thanks for your comments as always Yavor :)


Ramiro Gonzalez April 23, 2009 at 8:21 pm

This is a great stack for bodybuilder, pre comp training, or for people that used to go to the gym and used to be active and are no longer active. For those of you who haven’t been to the gym in decades and are over 40 with health issues i would look for an alternative. Also before any stack whether it be steroids or clen or eca, everyone knows you can’t just jump into it. Work out naturally for at least 3 weeks meaning, no fat burners, ALL NATURAL!! Once you do that your body may be up to the challenge and ready for the stack. Speaking on a personal experience, 2 yrs ago i was highly active in the gym, i was very wide (buff).. i stopped going and i just got heavier and heavier. I weighed in at 236 lbs my pants were at 38 inchs shirts were xl- xxl, keep in mind when i was going to the gym the 2yrs before i would wear medium in shirts and 33- 34 in pants. I started taking ephedrine and caffeine, i was really nervous about taking the aspirin part of it, so i left it out. I’ve been watching how i eat, i eat wheat grain bread and drink water, every once in a while (once a week) i’ll drink a dr. pepper and maybe have something that isn’t healthy like mexican food. I’ve probably been to the gym no more that 12-14 times within the past 2.5 weeks and i now weigh at 219, i’ve lost 17lbs. I follow a strict workout regimen, i work out on the eliptical for 40 mins every morning or on an EMPTY STOMACH, the level of intensity on the eliptical is level 8 which is kinda high. Heres the trick everyone, this is where you lose the most fat, lets say you go to the gym at 6am and you workout for 40mins doing CARDIO, it must be cardio, oh and walking isn’t cardio!!! VERY IMPORTANT after Cardio do not eat for food or 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs. Thats where this stack is awesome, it keeps your heart elevated so even when your done working out your body is still in overdrive burning calories combine that with working out on an empty stomach means massive calorie burning!! 19lbs in less than 14 days!! Ramiro in Texas
ps. if you need any other tips or supplement suggestions email me at


Caleb Lee April 24, 2009 at 3:22 pm

@ Ramiro: thanks for the “practical experience” on the stack buddy … as for the recommendations to lose weight — that works — but there’s easier ways too.

Either way, thanks for stopping by and being so willing to help people!


Brucie April 26, 2009 at 9:33 pm

40 mins of steady state cardio everymorn? Do you not care about losing muscle mass as well. Know that your “19 lbs in 14 days” is not strictly fat. There’s a good bit of muscle in there too. For those who want to retain the most muscle mass possible, look into HIIT or high intensity interval training. There’s lots of ways to do it, so it’s hard to get bored with it.


Dan Edwards October 4, 2010 at 11:30 am


just be VERY careful not to overdue it if you are on the EC stack as it elivates your heart rate an BP on its own. Doing HIIT normally is awesome for endurance and the best for weight loss (better than long slower cardio sessions as you retain muscle better and burn cals up to 48h after your HIIT workout), but while on the stack it may be too much for a lot of ppl.


Caleb_Lee October 4, 2010 at 1:18 pm

Good point Dan, some people might be better off with a milder form of HIIT or low intensity walks in the morning before breakfast or something of that nature.


Caleb Lee April 27, 2009 at 2:18 pm
ECA Stack User July 31, 2009 at 1:43 pm

I have used the ECA stack for a few cycles and it has shown positive results. However I only used baby-aspirin (81mg) tablets instead of the full-dose adult tablets. This helps to reduce the chances of stomach ulcers due to extended use of aspirin. Also, I've noticed that as of July 27, 2009, the original ECA Stack Wiki article was completely stripped of any useful information. I don't know why they did this, but perhaps it was meant to prevent people from learning about the ECA stack and its effectiveness as a weight loss aid. That is also where I learned about using low-dose aspirin instead of the regular dose. – good luck to all =)


James Jacs March 30, 2010 at 10:37 pm

I finished up the Dr Max Power Anabolic Stack yesterday. My weight is up a few lbs and I am leaner than where I started. I made the biggest strength gains I have ever made in such a short period of time and busted through some personal plateaus.


Caleb_Lee April 1, 2010 at 2:30 pm

Good to hear it James :)


gym October 5, 2010 at 3:37 pm

I really don't like ingesting some pills during workouts, makes me weak and iI feel my heart pumping so fast


megs November 15, 2010 at 2:14 am

Can I get ephedrine in Australia?


Caleb_Lee November 27, 2010 at 5:21 pm

I have no idea, I've never been there :)


Kyla June 18, 2011 at 4:03 am

I am 30 F and I have used the ECA stack since I was 13 to stay trim. I was an overweight child and nothing worked except the ECA stack. When they took the commercial brands off the shelves I quickly began to gain fat again ( after being trim for over 10 years on the stack ) despite all my diet and exercise efforts. Then I discovered I could build my own stack and the fat dropped off once again. I have never had any adverse effects and I use this method responsibly. It works for me and I will always use it. I take my personal dosage with a liquid V every morning.


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