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by Caleb Lee on January 16, 2009

diet-to-get-rippedIf you’re looking for a diet to get ripped, then you’ve landed on the right webpage! In my last article on this topic, I shared a Workout To Get Ripped. And I pointed out not only how to workout, but something really important and it’s the fact that…

You Can’t Out-Work The Kitchen Table!

So when it comes to getting that ripped look you want… those elusive six pack abs… that chiseled midsection… your diet is a VERY big part of the equation!

That’s why I wrote this article today, to help you with this part of your quest to get ripped… if you wanna get shredded WITHOUT having to give up your favorite foods, without having to eat six times per day, without having to buy expensive protein shakes and meal replacement bars… then keep reading.

1. Protein is your friend

The first thing I want to highlight is that in dieting, protein plays a very important role. You want to make sure you Burn Fat Not Muscle so it’s important to keep your protein intake up.

How much? This is debatable but for most people 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight should be enough (unless you’re working out REALLY hard as an athlete or something, 6 days a week). As I’ll show you in a moment, when you focus on eating a certain way — getting enough protein becomes automatic.

2. Intermittent Fasting

You can’t beat intermittent fasting for fat loss. That’s just all there is to it! There are a TON of benefits to intermittent fasting, plus it’s just an easier way to eat — at least for my lifestyle.

Plus, when you exercise while you’re fasting you do two important things:

  1. You use your fat stores as fuel and
  2. You increase the amount of growth hormone in your body (which is a fat burning hormone)

In case you’re wondering, you do NOT need to eat six meals per day to “keep your metabolism stoked” or “keep the fat burning fires stoked” — that’s a myth.

For a complete overview of how I would eat, including what foods to eat (to easily get your protein and force your body to use your bodyfat for fuel) and the style of intermittent fasting I recommend, read my article on The Perfect Muscle Building, Fat Burning Diet Plan.

3. Good Enough is Good Enough – the 90% Rule.

When dieting it’s important to keep sight of your goals… it’s also important to use a few “tricks of the trade” to keep yourself motivated so you don’t overwork yourself, stress too much, or get too strung out that you totally crash and ruin your diet.

So aim for 80-90% perfection in your diet. Eat good at least 5-6 days out of the week — and give yourself a cheat meal on 1 day per week. Or if you’re doing really good, and you can control yourself (you won’t eat everything in site) then you can even have a whole cheat day.

It doesn’t really matter, but the idea is to schedule yourself “planned breaks” in your dieting so you give your mind a little chance to recover, your cravings go away for a little bit, and you’re ready to get back on your diet… and after a while you’ll probably find you are losing your cravings.

The perfect muscle building, fat burning diet I laid out for you already has the “cheat” days worked into the diet because it focuses on eating the “anabolic way”.

So I hope you try this diet to get ripped because you’ll be a walking roadmap of muscle, striations, and veins  (or at least be able to see some abs!) in no time flat if you put it to good use!

Want More Diet Tips To Get Ripped?

Then, you’ll definitely enjoy the video below where you’ll discover 3 foods that KILL belly fat and other unique fat burning “secrets”:

3 Foods that Kill Belly Fat

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