Build Muscle Definition With These Three Rules

by Caleb Lee on October 27, 2008

If you want to build muscle definition then you need to listen to understand… and apply… these two rules to your training.

Muscle definition is something everyone wants, what’s the point of having muscles if nobody can see them or they’re covered by a thick layer of fat?

To build muscle definition follow these three rules:

Rule #1: Forget The “Pump”, Maximize Strength!

Lots of guys try to “Go for the pump” to build muscle definition. And it works, but VERY temporarily. When you workout with high reps your muscles get filled with lactic acid.

This causes your muscles to fill up with blood and get hard and you look more defined. For a very short time. This is the same thing that happens to corpses too! There body’s fill up with lactic acid, it never clears and that’s why they’re called “stiffs” because all their muscles go stiff.

Real muscle definition is caused by “residual” tension in the muscles. This “left over” tension is a result of training (primarily) your nervous system to contract your muscles extra hard under high tension exercises. So do strength training to get the defined look.

Rule #2: Burn Fat With Interval Training

You can have all the muscle in the world, but to get definition you need to burn off any fat that’s overtop of the muscles, hiding them.

The best way to do this is through cardio, but not just regular cardio — interval training. Studies have shown that interval training is up to 8 TIMES more effective than regular “steady state long distance” cardio at burning fat.

Not much to say here except if you’re not doing intervals for fat loss you should start doing them right away.

Rule #3: You Can’t Out-Train The Kitchen Table

The last and arguably the most important part of building muscle definition is to eat clean. The saying is “you can’t out-condition the dinner table” and it’s true.

Think about it: You could train 3 hours per day, 6 days per week in the gym (18 total hours a week) and there’s still 150 HOURS per week you’re not training!

You think that time is as important as your gym time? You better believe it! If the rest of your time out of the gym isn’t helping what you do in the gym you’ll never build good muscle definition.

So there you go, follow those three rules to build muscle definition.

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