Billionaire’s Simple Success Secret

by Caleb Lee on July 10, 2009


Put This Billionaire's Success Secret To Work For You!

What if you could get a Billionaire (yes, with a “B”!) to teach you his number one success secret for life?

The one secret that allowed him to go from a struggling “wage slave” working a 9-5 J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) …

And the one secret that didn’t just turn HIM into a billionaire, but it helped him turn 4 other people into billionaires too (no that’s not a typo–FOUR!)

Would you be interested?


Because here it is, from a man named Bob Cox:

“The Secret, Others Have Paid Me Stupid Sums Of
Money For, And I’m Going To Tell You For FREE!

Ready? Here goes. Don’t, even blink.

First, conquer all your fears. It’s not how much money you have or don’t have; it’s not what you look like or even who you know that’s holding you back, its fear. If you can understand this you’re halfway there. It’s fear of the unknown, fear of failure, or the fear of success. Either way it all comes down to fear.

I don’t even consider fear a real word. Here’s what it means to me.

  • F- False
  • E- Expectations
  • A- Appearing
  • R- Real

Those first 2 letters are key, false expectations. Worrying about things that aren’t there.

Next and this is the most important part take ACTION! Massive, swift, ass-kicking action!

That’s it!

Don’t let the simplicity fool you. That’s what makes it so powerful. It’s idiot proof. You’ve got to try hard to mess this up.

Did you get it? One more time…conquer your fears, and take action.

So how do you conquer all your fears?

Well with the right knowledge!”

Every Single Sentence Of What You Just Read Is POWERFUL

And you can apply it to any area of your life!

Let’s review:

  • FEAR holds most people back, keeps them making excuses, etc …
  • ACTION is the cure for fear, but to do it you’ve got to “conquer” your fears …
  • RIGHT KNOWLEDGE (also called specialized knowledge) gets you to conquer your fears!

I think I’ve touched on fear and action before … so let’s explore:

What Is “Right Knowledge” or “Specialized Knowledge”?

It’s a totally different way of looking at knowledge. It’s specialized knowledge that you learn for a specific reason.

Example: You and I learned “regular” knowledge when we were in school … a surgeon learns “specialized knowledge” in order to perform surgery.

What are the benefits of specialized knowledge?

  • Useful – you’ve probably forgotten most of your book knowledge, but specialized knowledge is smarts you’ll put to use!
  • Profitable – most specialized knowledge can earn you money or …
  • Helpful – specialized knowledge will tell you whether to run 5 miles or do 5 minutes of interval training to burn fat, general knowledge says “workout” …
  • Fear Destroying — getting back to the point — you get special, specific knowledge about what is holding you back. What you fear. And by learning about it, you’re able to then take action and conquer that fear!

So What’s Left?

The only thing left to do now is look at where you are and look at where you want to be.

Ask yourself, “Why am I not there yet?”

Then, whatever you’ve just answered that question with is 99.9% likely (if not 100&! likely) to be a FEAR.

Identify that fear … now go looking for the specialized knowledge to defeat it, that let’s you know it’s a false expectation appearing real … that it’s just an excuse.

Got the right knowledge on how to proceed? Good! Now take MASSIVE, SWIFT ACTION!

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Roger Vinge January 10, 2010 at 2:01 am

Thanks!! GREAT article, will share this with my sons


Caleb_Lee January 27, 2010 at 8:13 pm

Awesome! We need more fathers like you :)


golden May 29, 2010 at 4:39 pm

i ll like to have a web site how can i get it and what is the ways that some one can chose his carer for him self with out regreting it.

keep on with ur comment i like and i’m sure that people also like it too.

is people like u we are looking for to help build up the youth of today.


Caleb_Lee May 31, 2010 at 4:20 pm

Hi Golden, I think I'm coming out with a product soon to help people like you who want to make money online. Stay tuned :)


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