Who Is Caleb Lee? Why Did He Make This Site?

The Author, Caleb Lee. Professional photo but taken without fake tans, special lighting, or "photo model" starving before the shoot! (Sorry: I can help get you lean and mean, but as you can see from my pic, there's nothing I can do to make you more attractive -- I'm STILL ugly -- haha :)

Hi There!

My name is Caleb Lee and I’ll be your guide on this journey to “Double Your Gains”

What The Heck Does “Double Your Gains” Mean?!

Well, this site used to be all about doubling your fitness gains … strength gains … fat loss gains … and the like …

But, I got tired of that …

After nearly 2 years and over 300 posts (almost all about fitness, weight loss, and building muscle) … I’ve grown tired of just talking about that.

So the purpose of this site NOW, is to help you “Double Your Gains” in life.

Specifically …

  • Double Your Health! Because fitness and health will always be important  …
  • Double Your Wealth! Because financial health gives you true freedom … and …
  • Double Your Lovin’! Because love is all that really matters :)

So if you’d like to come along on this crazy journey with me — you’re very much invited!


It really gets me excited to see how I’m helping people, I love checking comments, seeing interaction on the site, and getting notifications that people signed up to my email newsletter — it REALLY is a blast, so I’d love to have you stick around and keep commenting and reading stuff … because I’ll keep posting it!



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