7 reasons why you should do full body workouts for maximum muscle building

by Caleb Lee on July 21, 2008

full body workouts
Tara Scotti thinks you should do full body workouts

You want to build muscle fast… and… probably experience some fast weight loss right?

So the question is: Should you workout every day, hitting only a certain part of your body each day? The answer is NO!

You should do full body workouts for best results.

Even though, they’re not that popular, here’s 7 reasons why you should do full body workouts instead of the split routines you see in popular muscle rags:

  1. You’ll lift more poundage: full body workouts are best done with multi-joint exercises (like squats, deadlifts, etc) which means you’ll be lifting more weight per workout. More pounds on the bar (all things being equal)=more pounds of muscle on you.
  2. You’ll get stronger: the multi-joint exercises done with heavy weights make you stronger. Strength = muscle. More strength=more muscle.
  3. You’ll’ stimulate muscle building hormones: working out your whole body stimulates your growth hormone, testosterone, and IGF-1 hormones more which leads to more muscle and less fat.
  4. You’ll get done faster: You can hit all your muscles in 60 minutes or less with multi-joint exercises and get out of the gym before your T levels drop (which happen not long after 60 minutes)
  5. You’ll get more time to recover: Recovery is when you actually build muscle. The idea is to get in, tear down some muscle tissue, stimulate your CNS and get out so your body can rebuild itself stronger and with better body composition than before. You only need to hit the gym about 3 times a week with a full body routine.
  6. You’ll burn more fat: because you’re working your whole body out at once you’re using more energy… more calories… and more fat stores for energy.
  7. You’ll build more functional strength: if you work your whole body out as a unit, you’ll teach it to get stronger and better with all your muscles working together. Training your whole body together transfers more over to athletics and everyday life (because it’s the way you actually use your body — you don’t isolate any muscles in your every day life).

How often you should work out your whole body:

You can workout every single day if your main concern is strength training. Just keep the sets and reps low. (For example: Think 2 sets of 5 reps on Deadlifts, and the Overhead press).

But if you’re trying to build muscle the best idea would be 3 times a week. Get in, work out hard, get out, eat,  recover, and GROW.

What about Cardio?

You don’t want to look like a powerlifter right? So you want to burn fat too. No problem.

If you move rapidly between multi-joint exercises (in circuit fashion, etc), then you’ll get some cardio benefits too.

But that’s another beautiful thing about only lifting weights 3x a week, you can do cardio on 2-3 other days and still have 1-2 days of rest.

Oh and…

Don’t forget to SLEEP good!

Sleep is where you rebuild your muscles the most. Get good sleep. Most of us can’t get 8 hours of sleep, I say get what you can during the night and try to fit a quick nap in sometime during the day as well.

So there you go, you have 7 reasons why you should do full body workouts for maximum muscle building and fast weight loss.

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Dave December 5, 2009 at 5:00 pm

Hi Caleb, I am training only once a week at the moment, I am doing a full body work out each time and I always train to failure on my 3rd and 4th sets. Is this enough and also should I be training to failure?



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