Muscle and Brawn Forums Are Nazi Haters

by Caleb Lee on September 29, 2011

So … found a link back to my site from The Muscle and Brawn forums — talking about “abs on a skinny guy” … and … a picture of me.

When I registered to comment, I left this a simple comment, here it is:

“Hahahhaha! That’s me guys!

Wow, that’s not nice — “skinny guy with abs” haha

Just so ya know, abs are a side benefit of the fact that I keep my diet in check … and … focus purely on strength.

I compete in powerlifting, last meet I did the 123lb class:

350 squat – 2.8xBW
175 bench – 1.4xBW (still sucks)
370 deadlift – 3xBW
895 Total (RAW powerlifting between the class 1 and master ranking)

By the way, the deadlift was super crap for me, I’ve done 370 for 7x in training (5/3/1) I was having some technique issues up until the day of the meet, took 3 something the first attempt, 370 I missed for the second attempt (because I took some advice to not pull so fast from the start, stalled at knees because of this), 3rd attempt ripped it up super easy.

405lbs was my best in the gym while training for a single in the deadlift …

Just saying all this to say that:

1. I’m “skinny” because I’ve never cared about gaining a crap load of muscle — competing in full contact taekwondo earlier in my life always made me crave strength + speed …

2. I think relative strengh is the basis for all athletic skills and health for that matter.

3. Because I thought I’d pop in and comment!! hahaha.”

Notice all the laughter? That’s because I’m used to my 200+ pound powerlifting buddies busting my balls because I actually care about keeping my body fat levels low enough to see my abs. No biggie to me, just making the point … just cause I’m not “HYUGE” … doesn’t mean I’m in it for abs.

They Banned Me For No Reason Not 5 Minutes Later!

Hahahah, talk about an “open discussion” forum!

Here’s the notice I got when I tried to check back and see if any replies had popped up:

Click for larger view

It says:

“You have been banned for the following reason:
No reason was specified.

Date the ban will be lifted: Never”


So I guess the nazi moderators think it is ok to bash someone on the internet who has written over 300+ articles for FREE to help people … but … want to ban that person when they step in to introduce themselves (if you notice, I didn’t even try to “internet fight” with anyone — just popped in with my opinion).

Oh well. The reply right after mine said:

“We are aware of that. We are also aware that you can’t add 30 pounds of muscle in 28 days. No disrespect meant.

Your site claims: “How to build 30 pounds of muscle in just 28 days”

I respect your lifting accomplishments, but we really don’t want that type of nonsense here. It’s highly deceptive and I won’t have it on this forum.”


I guess he’s referring to one of the first articles I posted here about Tim Ferriss’ 30+ lb gain – link to my article … and … the article I was talking about by Tim. He’s a NY Times Best Selling author–they’d probably ban him too though haha.

He then goes on to thank me on my weight loss …

“Congrats on your weight loss. I see on your site you went from, 300 to 123 pounds, which you currently weigh. That is nice work.”

Not sure where he got that. I was NEVER that big. Chubby? Yes. 300lbs + … no.

The Mystery Tattoo.

One guy pointed out my tattoo … and … that is something I will answer here, lol.

To answer the question about my tattoo — yup got it in Thailand, pics below …

Done with a BAMBOO stick -- like it's sposed' to be done!

Yes, I was trying to watch what he was doing ...

Showing off the final tat -- it's a thai buddhist blessing thing, similar to the one on Angelina Jolie's back ... but ... mine's cooler :)

So What Have We Learned?

  1. Muscle and Brawn moderators are Nazi’s who don’t like anyone disagreeing with anything they say … and … they think it’s ok to for me to be named (and pictured) and not be able to voice my opinions.
  2. I have a cool tattoo that I don’t talk about much. And it was done on a dirty floor of a Muay Thai coach in Thailand by a “high-as-a-kite” tattoo artist.
  3. The only cool article Muscle and Brawn has ever put out on their site was this one by Jamie Lewis: “10 Reasons Stuart McRobert Can Go F*ck Himself

Just thought I’d break my multi-month silence to speak out against this B.S. Later!

Here's what 1 and 5 pounds of fat looks like. This article will show you how one guy lost 275 pounds of this junk!

Recently, I got this comment on the blog:

“Please everyone, the first part of this diet plan is ridiculous! Never fast for 16 or 20 hours, because your body will not burn fat for energy, it will go into a catabolic state in which it burns your muscle because its saving your fat because it believes it is being starved. You will go so far backwards if you ever go almost an entire day without eating.”

Lets examine what this guy is saying, shall we?

Perhaps I am totally wrong, and maybe fasting is somehow dangerous or will cause your body to burn muscle or will cause you to “go so far backwards” on your journey to health?

Let’s examine the SCIENTIFIC evidence …

[click to continue…]

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